Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who is more Romantic - Men or Women?

While I was having a chuckle here and there while writing this, the main point that I am expressing, I do believe.

I often hear women say how unromantic men are. They winge of how men spend their time out fixing the car, or watching sport etc. On the other hand, women say how romantic they are. After all, they enjoy moonlit (or candle lit) dinners, soft music, flowers and an evening out. So obviously they are more romantic.

Men are conned into believing this one sided propaganda. This is very irrational thinking. It is like me suggesting that if other people don't watch the tennis and I do they can't be interested in sport. Who says cutting lovely flowers off a bush, growing them to reproduce (as God has commanded them to) is romantic? And who decided that eating food you can't see properly is romantic either?

Then there is the guy doing the supposedly unromantic act of fixing the car so he can take his wife shopping. Or fixing the lawn mower so he can have her house area looking good during the day when he is at work.

Women say they love to be surprised with flowers. Yet do they surprise their husbands and go and do something romantic to him like watch the sport with him? Or go out and help him fix the car? Even GAs suggest that male members take their wives out. I think the one they missed was wives being romantic and going out to help their husbands.

In spite of what I have written there, I actually do find moonlight romantic. And I do enjoy romantic music. I have the drive to give a woman flowers, because I know what they mean to her, and I want to say that, if I feel that way. I almost never watch sport, personally.

But what I am really trying to get over is that men will see some things differently. And I have watched guys fixing a car and saying they need to get it done because their wife needs to go shopping. When the guy comes in the wife hasn't appreciated his act of love toward her. She isn't even aware of it. So I think it would be helpful to relationships if women widened their expressed view on what is romantic.

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