Friday, June 10, 2011

What Evidences Do I Have that the Scriptures and Church are True?

In my time in the church I have heard many arguments against it. I also have heard atheists speak against all our Scripture, including the Bible. Many ask me why a person, educated as I am, believes such notions? And they will pose the question of proof.

Yet their attitude in asking the question demonstrates that they aren't really interested in hearing it answered. It just becomes a cliche. And therefore when I answer it they didn't want to hear that, and so dispel it as more strange notions.

Many try to discredit the church by making claims of discrepancies in Egyptology, DNA, "modern science" and interpretations of Biblical texts. Also attempts are made at sensationalizing, claims of plagiarism and changes of opinions among general authorities of the church. Then there are claims against Joseph Smith or Brigham Young.

While all these things can be answered, what is my knowledge, of an outward nature, that the church is really what it says it is? Where is the evidence justifying my faith?

Man has tried to explain truth in science, literature, philosophy, psychology and religion. Yet all man's efforts don't bring true answers that really solve social, economic and psychological problems. Nor do they make sense when deeply analyzed. Man also gets lost in many areas of unscientific "science" falsely so called. Psychologists tell us that anger is normal and good. While Christ tells us it is extremely bad.

So who is right? Is Christ correct, or psychologists? The answers to these types of questions stand as a testimony to me of the correctness of Scripture, the divine direction given to prophets and apostles in the Scriptures, and the importance of them in my life.

I have found that being angry with people distorts true judgment. Not only for the issue, but it seems to affect many other decisions I make. Getting rid of anger brings a peace to my heart. One for Christ. Minus one for man's psychology.

Joseph Smith claimed revelation that we have sinned by our eighth birthday and therefore require baptism. At some time while 7 I started to feel terrible when I did something wrong. I had never heard this doctrine at that age, and hadn't even heard of Joseph Smith. Yet what he says he was inspired with was true. One for Joseph Smith.

He also claimed revelation that we are an intelligence and that is light and truth. He additionally said that as we sin so we lose light and truth. In other words we lose our existence to some degree. The more I have followed God's instructions the more I have felt life in me. This testifies to the truth of what Joseph Smith has stated.

Additionally I have noted my ability to think clearly improves when reading the Book of Mormon. Many things in life seem to run better. People respond better overall. I have seen this in the life of others also. I also demonstrated this in the life of a non-member who tried this suggestion. He couldn't deny the amazing changes that had occurred in his life since he began to read that book. Another one for the Scriptures and Joseph Smith.

Jesus Christ tells me not to lust. The world tells me that lust is good. As I have given up lust I have felt much better inside. And my love of others has come out more. Another one for Jesus Christ.

Alma 32 gives a run down on using faith that I have found by experience is perfectly correct in every detail. Another one for the Scriptures and Joseph Smith.

The world tells us that it is good to be rich. The Scriptures tell us it is bad to be rich. I have found the truth again of what the Scriptures say. Financial peace comes through trusting that as you do what God would have you do he will see that you come through whatever financial challenges you face.

Whether it be loving those who abuse you, or whatever concept we have placed before us, I have found God is right and the world is wrong. My logic, through personal experiences, tells me this is impossible, unless this knowledge comes from a source far beyond the intelligence of man.

So I have a myriad of physical evidences of the truth of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Scriptures, the LDS church and Joseph Smith.