Monday, March 17, 2008

Are we really God, as the Catholics/Protestants Propose?

Catholicism/Protestantism complains because we say that we can become Gods. Yet their doctrine says that we are God himself right now, and will continue to be forever. Additionally their God is some kind of masochist who is going to send some of himself to hell forever!

As LDS we know that each intelligence has existed forever. No one can make intelligences (D&C 93:29). We are an intelligence inside our spirit body, which is inside our physical body. Yet this isn't what is believed by others.

The Catholic/Protestant version of our existence.

They say that God is not only the inventor of all things but he is in all things and is all things. They say that God is the inventor of our minds: We wouldn't be thinking if he wasn't there. We wouldn't exist. So examining the logic of this it ends up being that we are, in fact, God! And he is us!

According to the claim what are we? We are nothing other than that which is God. God not only invented our thinking, but if we can't think without him, and he invented the ability to think, then our thinking must be him thinking (remember that nothing exists that isn't made and maintained by him, and that he created the bounds in which I think). I can't think if he isn't there, so I have no independant thought. It must be remembered in trying to understand this that nothing exists but God and that which exists by him. Therefore everything existing is him. There is nothing else. No wonder the Catholic/Protestant god is so schizophrenic.

And as all matter is invented by him, continues to exist because of him and he is in all things, then this body I have is also him. The same would have to be said for my spirit body.

This, of course, would leave us with Satan being God too. Man, are they for real?

Us being God. Hmmm.... I don't think so! The stupidity is that they would SAY that they don't think so either. Yet that is the reality of their claim. Back to the Bible people, I think that requires a lot more reading.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Women and the Priesthood - What is Priesthood?

I'm not backward in stating that my perception of feminism is that it has caused serious damage to my sisters, telling them that there is something wrong with doing what our Heavenly Mother does. And that they must do what men do to be a real person. And this isn't written to attempt to appease such. Nevertheless rather than the "men get the priesthood, why can't we be like men" routine, many women do ask sensibly why they don't get the priesthood: After all it is an important thing for men to have?

It has been quoted by those in favour that some individuals made references to there being priestesses in the eternities, when this time is over. So if there are to be goddesses who have priesthood why not now? Also some suggest that there is a concept of women having priesthood now implied in something.

The point that I would present to these women is that they in fact DO have priesthood. But their calling isn't to perform ordinances. Nor will it be in the eternities. This priesthood is automatic, and therefore requires no ordination.

So what does a goddess actually do? Does she sit and govern planets and organise the construction of planetary systems? No! This is what males do.

Well why don't females do this? Because females aren't men. Nor do men do what women are best at for the eternities. Men do what men are best at.

The first calling God gave women (and men, for that matter) was thus, "..Be fruitful, and multiply..." (Moses 2:28).

Godesses spend eternity having and raising children.

Women may wish to point out that they can't give priesthood blessings to their children when sick etc. Yes, that is true. But God will do these things for the woman who asks in sincere prayer (if it be what is best for all concerned). For men it is important for them to learn to develop the powers within them that they will have to use to hold worlds together. Women don't do this. So God has designed the perfect system for the perfect situation (ie a complete family with the man present), and has a failsafe mechanism where He is there to answer prayer anyway.

The question would then be asked, "why do godesses need priesthood?"

This gets to the question of WHAT exactly is priesthood? Joseph Fielding Smith declared that it is nothing MORE or LESS than the AUTHORITY to act in the name of Christ (as is declared in D&C 121 and 84:21). Talking of "power OF the priesthood" and "power IN the priesthood" doesn't mean that the priesthood is a power of itself. I can talk of power in an electric cord, but the cord has no power at all when the power source is removed. To have power in the priesthood, to make things physically happen, we must do certain things that produce that power. Thus some perform greater miracles than others by using exactly the SAME priesthood. Righteous living creates the power in us (as the Scriptures declare over and over).

Obviously priesthood for Christ would be the authority to do things in the name of Heavenly Father.

So supposing I become a God, what will my priesthood actually be? The authority to act in the name of .....? What is Heavenly Father's priesthood?

If we, as a God, require priesthood, then Heavenly Father, as a God also, must therefore require priesthood. So Heavenly Father has authority to act in the name of his God. Why?

Eternal law makes it that eternal families are important for a better existence. So we have all this sealing of families.

We are told that as we make worlds this will add glory to our Heavenly Father. Why? Because these then become his grand-children in a sense. You see it is a continual family spreading.

To do these things (ie having children to the glory of our Heavenly Father) requires authority from Him to act in his name. Thus for a woman to have children in the name of God requires authority from God (ie priesthood).

Now I would pose the question then that isn't it true that women are at this time having children to the glory of God? And didn't Heavenly Father himself give this authority to Eve, and through her to all women?

I realise this won't satisfy raging feminists that just don't see the wonderful beauty of bearing children, in its true value. But you do have this privilege and priesthood which I never will. I seek to do the best with those things that I am privileged with.