Thursday, March 06, 2008

Women and the Priesthood - What is Priesthood?

I'm not backward in stating that my perception of feminism is that it has caused serious damage to my sisters, telling them that there is something wrong with doing what our Heavenly Mother does. And that they must do what men do to be a real person. And this isn't written to attempt to appease such. Nevertheless rather than the "men get the priesthood, why can't we be like men" routine, many women do ask sensibly why they don't get the priesthood: After all it is an important thing for men to have?

It has been quoted by those in favour that some individuals made references to there being priestesses in the eternities, when this time is over. So if there are to be goddesses who have priesthood why not now? Also some suggest that there is a concept of women having priesthood now implied in something.

The point that I would present to these women is that they in fact DO have priesthood. But their calling isn't to perform ordinances. Nor will it be in the eternities. This priesthood is automatic, and therefore requires no ordination.

So what does a goddess actually do? Does she sit and govern planets and organise the construction of planetary systems? No! This is what males do.

Well why don't females do this? Because females aren't men. Nor do men do what women are best at for the eternities. Men do what men are best at.

The first calling God gave women (and men, for that matter) was thus, "..Be fruitful, and multiply..." (Moses 2:28).

Godesses spend eternity having and raising children.

Women may wish to point out that they can't give priesthood blessings to their children when sick etc. Yes, that is true. But God will do these things for the woman who asks in sincere prayer (if it be what is best for all concerned). For men it is important for them to learn to develop the powers within them that they will have to use to hold worlds together. Women don't do this. So God has designed the perfect system for the perfect situation (ie a complete family with the man present), and has a failsafe mechanism where He is there to answer prayer anyway.

The question would then be asked, "why do godesses need priesthood?"

This gets to the question of WHAT exactly is priesthood? Joseph Fielding Smith declared that it is nothing MORE or LESS than the AUTHORITY to act in the name of Christ (as is declared in D&C 121 and 84:21). Talking of "power OF the priesthood" and "power IN the priesthood" doesn't mean that the priesthood is a power of itself. I can talk of power in an electric cord, but the cord has no power at all when the power source is removed. To have power in the priesthood, to make things physically happen, we must do certain things that produce that power. Thus some perform greater miracles than others by using exactly the SAME priesthood. Righteous living creates the power in us (as the Scriptures declare over and over).

Obviously priesthood for Christ would be the authority to do things in the name of Heavenly Father.

So supposing I become a God, what will my priesthood actually be? The authority to act in the name of .....? What is Heavenly Father's priesthood?

If we, as a God, require priesthood, then Heavenly Father, as a God also, must therefore require priesthood. So Heavenly Father has authority to act in the name of his God. Why?

Eternal law makes it that eternal families are important for a better existence. So we have all this sealing of families.

We are told that as we make worlds this will add glory to our Heavenly Father. Why? Because these then become his grand-children in a sense. You see it is a continual family spreading.

To do these things (ie having children to the glory of our Heavenly Father) requires authority from Him to act in his name. Thus for a woman to have children in the name of God requires authority from God (ie priesthood).

Now I would pose the question then that isn't it true that women are at this time having children to the glory of God? And didn't Heavenly Father himself give this authority to Eve, and through her to all women?

I realise this won't satisfy raging feminists that just don't see the wonderful beauty of bearing children, in its true value. But you do have this privilege and priesthood which I never will. I seek to do the best with those things that I am privileged with.


Marcie said...

I just want to say "Amen". I consider myself to be a strong, educated, opinionated woman. I have never been bothered by the fact that men are given the priesthood and women are not. I have never felt the need to have it.

By divine nature I know that I am given a power by God that a man does not have, and that is to create children. Yes, men play a role in this, but as a woman my body carries out this amazing God given ability.

Also, by divine nature I am given the ability to receive revelation for my children. I think back on a Christmas Eve night a few years ago when my oldest child (who suffers from RAD, Reactive Airway Disease, same symptoms as asthma) was sick and continued to cough so hard that it made her throw up. She couldn't keep any food down nor medicine. I prayed that I would know what to do to help her to stop coughing and be able to sleep. I received inspiration, a flooding of pure knowledge from the spirit, to rub her feet and that would make her stop coughing. At first I thought it wouldn't work, but by faith I put lotion in my hands and rubbed my 5 year old daughter's feet. I rubbed them each for about 20 minutes. In that time she didn't cough and fell asleep. I stopped rubbing them and fell asleep at the end of her bed. Every time she would begin to cough I would rub her feet, the cough would quickly go away. In the morning her cough was gone and we enjoyed Christmas day.

I didn't need the priesthood formerly conferred upon me to be able to receive inspiration on how to help my child in times of sickness. I was able, by a mother's touch, to sooth my child's cough and bring her healing.

I am very grateful for the priesthood, I have seen it work in so many aspects of my life. It is a great power and I am thankful that worthy men hold the priesthood and have a willing desire to use it to bless and enrich other's lives. I know this power comes from God and I know that I am also given a power by God to bless and enrich other's lives.

Doug Towers said...


I enjoyed your comments. It was a very positive experience from the point of view of learning faith.

I must admit that I haven't heard of RAD. I have asthma and another breathing problem that they can't understand. It's amazing the progress we have made in some areas, yet we still know so little in reality.

I have been kept alive by prayer many times also. So I know that experience.

April said...

This is possibly the worst post I have ever read. Aside from the most recent which spells "masochist" wrong. You are the worst example of a member of the church I have ever had the embarrassment of being associated with. Your writing is so bad that it doesn’t even make sense! That and the fact that your rationale for half the arguments you make, make no sense whatsoever. Please practice writing, go to church, listen to the prophet, and come back when you have a clue.

Doug Towers said...


Interesting comments, but you haven't actually said anything other than expressing disapproval. If you don't agree, say why. What you have written is sort of like a "noncomment" ie I don't like what you have said but I can't really flaw it in any logical or Scriptural manner.

Please be more specific.

Anonymous said...


I haven't heard anyone discuss it in this way before. Where did you get these ideas?


You bothered to read at least 2 posts that you've said you couldn't make any sense of at all. Then say in the next sentence that only half of it you couldn't understand. What!!!! Are you trying to give women a bad name? Anyway the blog title does say "DEEP doctrine."

Doug Towers said...


In regard your question:
While the concepts come from Scripture, the putting them together to realise that conclusion came from the Holy Ghost.

In regard the rest of what you have said:
Some people aren't going to understand the concepts I present (something I anticipated).

I've had thousands of visitors this last 12 months, and the number is growing. Many are spending hours reading. So obviously while some find it too deep there are enough that are gaining from it. It gives me heart to know that so many are interested in their eternal salvation and gain something from my words. Thanks for the support.

Bryce Haymond said...

Interesting perspective. But I would say that women only receive the authority of a priestess or goddess when they are married and sealed in the House of the Lord. I do not believe they receive this authority automatically just for having children. If they are not sealed in the temple, they will not have any authority over their children in the eternities.

Andrew Miller said...

I might also add:

Who do woman become priestess and queens to? The temple should clear up any confusion on this issue.

Doug Towers said...


An interesting point to raise. I should have anticipated that question.

I am referring to a priesthood authority generally. For example men receive the priesthood here, yet a man may still have priesthood though not be sealed in the temple when he has children. So a temple sealing isn't required for a person to have priesthood.

Those people who aren't taking on the role of having children forever (ie those who aren't Gods and Godesses) won't need the authority from God afterward as they won't be having children then. But for those who are an eternal sealing is required, yes.

Thanks for bringing that up.


Another interesting point.

Priesthood is a giving of authority where service is required. Thus I would feel that women are priestesses to their children whom they serve. Also the woman would be a Godesses to her children. The whole calling of a God and Godess is about service to the innumerable host of intelligences out there waiting to have their existence improved by spirit and physical matter bodies, and the opportunity of gaining greater joy in this service, themselves, thereafter.

Thomas Atkinson said...

wow, It would take me hours to read through all the things you have written.
you answer alot of questions that general teachings at church dont usually answer.
I have asked alot of questions that so many people cant seem to answer, but in your writeings... its almost like you have an answer for everything!
well done on your blogging.
you have had many people interested in your topics so far, BUT i think that there should be alot more people reading these things you have written.

I noticed while home teaching you once, you explained a couple of things about the spirit, and that you had phisicaly seen them.
my home teaching companion was abit scared hearing these things... but I totally understood you because I have experienced the same things.

I have only ever known people outside of the church that were able to see spirits, but to know someone in the church that can see them aswell is great, becuase I can directly relate to what you say.

I hope you get alot more visitors here.

cheers. Thomas Atkinson

Doug Towers said...


Thanks for dropping in, and the comments. I do have a good amount of visitors, but the more the merrier. I am extremely humbled by the success the site has had and the types of problems I've (hopefully) been able to give some usefel advice relevant to.

In regard it seeming I have an answer to everything, that is the Holy Ghost. He is brilliant!