Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who is more Romantic - Men or Women?

While I was having a chuckle here and there while writing this, the main point that I am expressing, I do believe.

I often hear women say how unromantic men are. They winge of how men spend their time out fixing the car, or watching sport etc. On the other hand, women say how romantic they are. After all, they enjoy moonlit (or candle lit) dinners, soft music, flowers and an evening out. So obviously they are more romantic.

Men are conned into believing this one sided propaganda. This is very irrational thinking. It is like me suggesting that if other people don't watch the tennis and I do they can't be interested in sport. Who says cutting lovely flowers off a bush, growing them to reproduce (as God has commanded them to) is romantic? And who decided that eating food you can't see properly is romantic either?

Then there is the guy doing the supposedly unromantic act of fixing the car so he can take his wife shopping. Or fixing the lawn mower so he can have her house area looking good during the day when he is at work.

Women say they love to be surprised with flowers. Yet do they surprise their husbands and go and do something romantic to him like watch the sport with him? Or go out and help him fix the car? Even GAs suggest that male members take their wives out. I think the one they missed was wives being romantic and going out to help their husbands.

In spite of what I have written there, I actually do find moonlight romantic. And I do enjoy romantic music. I have the drive to give a woman flowers, because I know what they mean to her, and I want to say that, if I feel that way. I almost never watch sport, personally.

But what I am really trying to get over is that men will see some things differently. And I have watched guys fixing a car and saying they need to get it done because their wife needs to go shopping. When the guy comes in the wife hasn't appreciated his act of love toward her. She isn't even aware of it. So I think it would be helpful to relationships if women widened their expressed view on what is romantic.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Meat - To eat or not to eat, that is the question?

There is more on this subject wihin scripture than I think most realise. Also the Scriptures are more interlinked than seems to be appreciated. The Old Testament law is discarded in the usual conversation of this subject, and reference is made to some interpretation of the New Testament to do this. But is this accurate?

D&C 49:18 states that whoever forbids a person from abstaining from meat (that man shouldn't eat it) is not ordained of God. A clear statement that God, firstly, regards it possible (at least) to be vegetarian. This, secondly, makes it obvious that he is not opposed to it at all. So why even bother mentioning it? It is fairly heavy in its way. He is saying a person commanding against vegetarianism is not from him.

D&c 89 contains the obvious statements. But how many examine them relative to past instruction? Note verses 14 and 15, "...and all wild animals that run or creep on the earth; And these hath God made for the use of man only in times of famine and excess of hunger." So does this mean we can eat domesticated pigs but not wild ones? As we domesticate dogs and cats can we eat them, also? God gave instruction of what he was talking about long ago. He had Moses write it down. No pigs, dogs, cats, camels, shark, dolphins, squid, octopus, crabs, crayfish, mussels, oisters, eagles, ants, cockroaches and so on. Because the Israelites of the time were so spiritually backward he made it a commandment, so at least some would follow it.
Have you questioned yourself as to why God would ask such a thing? It is because the meat of these things is worse than the meat of the other animals. Isn't that plain?

Now God has made it a request, not a commandment. But don't the scriptures tell us that it is a slothful and not a wise servant that needs to be commanded in all things (D&C 58:26). In regard meat he has said that it is pleasing to him that it shouldn't be eaten, unless it is cold or there is a famine.

As personal advice from personal inspiration let me advise anyone wishing to stop eating meat that they should break off it slowly. Quit all the really bad stuff mentioned above immediately. Then break off red meats, and just eat fish and chicken. Then break off the chicken. Then off the fish eventually. This should be done over a couple of years.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Where is the spirit world?

Soloman questioned, "Who knows if the spirit of man rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?" (Eccles 3:20-21) (NIV).

Brigham Young stated, "When you lay down this tabernacle, where are you going? Into the spiritual world. Are you going into Abraham's bosom? No, not anywhere nigh there but into the spirit world. Where is the spirit world? It is right here. Do the good and evil spirits go together? Yes, they do. Do they both inhabit one kingdom? Yes, they do. Do they go to the sun? No. Do they go beyond the boundaries of the organized earth? No, they do not." (Discourses of Brigham Young 33:376:4).

Many people see the spirits of departed loved ones at their funerals. The spirit goes along to see who turns up (I suppose), and to follow the family and friends they are used to being with. I remember an incidence where a person had died and things were being thrown around the room from then on. Someone picked up the point that the spirit was upset that they were taking no notice of him, and supposing that he was gone. So they talked to him as if he was still sitting on his chair, and there was no problem thereafter.

Many have also seen spirits just being around the place. Some having messages for remaining relatives.

It would appear that once we are sent to earth we stay here until the whole thing is over. Unless we are resurrected and off doing something else.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What is Deep Doctrine?

In my time as a member I have heard many talk of deep mysteries of the gospel. How many angels can you fit on a pin head? Can God scratch his right elbow with his right hand? Does God know how many planets are in existence throughout all eternity? Who was the first God? And the list is endless itself.

Are these "deep doctrine"? Or just fantasies to intellectualise the gospel into a concept for the learned? To spend time giving silly answers to silly questions, while convincing ones self of ones superior intelligence for being in such a superior discussion?

To me, doctrine worth discussing, and that has more chance of bringing out truth, must be doctrine that has some good intent in its asking. Abraham stood before Christ and posed the question, "wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked" (Gen 18:23)? Was this an intellectual or heart felt question? In verse 25 Abraham asks Christ, "Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?" Plainly Abraham had concern in his questions. He wanted to be assured that God is good. Christ assured Abraham that he was. This is the sort of stuff that deep doctrine is made of. Deep spiritual experiences that give us knowledge about God and ourselves.

The deepest doctrine that I feel that exists within the church is that which is so often discussed, but rarely understood: Faith, repentence, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. I have met only a few (and I mean a few) who actually perceive the full significance of this message.

As you get into the habit of discussing deep, heart felt, doctrine you will begin to think in wiser ways. And the Holy Ghost will be with you more, to give you greater understanding.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Dark side VS the Light side. Which power is greater and why?

I enjoyed watching the Star Wars movies. It was all very interesting watching the fight of good VS evil. But the logic suffered one obvious flaw. The dark side can't possibly be anywhere near as powerful as the light side (and that is a gross understatement).

Why not? After all, aren't good and evil exact opposites? Therefore the power of evil should be as powerful as the power of good, shouldn't it? And why is it that God is more powerful than Satan? Surely they should be equal in power.

The answer to this lies in the question of what makes good, good? And what makes evil, evil? Why is it "good" to love others, and "evil" to hate others? Could God just as easily have commanded us to hate others? The answer to this is that eternity has laws. They have always existed. If you punch your hand against a brick wall it will hurt. The same combination of circumstances on any planet throughout eternity will create the same result. The laws governing us, also govern God. Those laws include ways of acting upon substances to get them to form into planets etc. This requires enormous love by the person doing the holding of the planets together. No love - no power. It is as simple as that.

To understand this relative to dark and light sides, you could relate it to two people rowing in a raging river. Both are rowing as hard as they can. One is powering ahead and the other is going nowhere. What is the difference between the two? .... One is rowing with the current and the other is rowing against it. God is going with the laws of eternity, and Satan is trying to fight against them.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Why Doesn't God convert us all by showing miracles and appearing (as with Paul)?

Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah were going around corrupting people, and turning them from the teachings of God. An angel appeared to them and they completely changed. They became great teachers for Christ. Paul (Saul at the time) went about imprisoning members of the church. Christ appeared to him, and he changed to eventually become a very powerful missionary. Many saw Christ's miracles and therefore listened to his words.

So why doesn't God just convert everyone like this?

Let's look at the other side of this for a moment. God showed great miracles in Egypt at the hands of Moses. Yet we get the impression that no Egyptians joined Israel. Even the Israelites did nothing but winge. Even when they got out of Egypt they continued to disbelieve and winge. They saw the miracle of water coming after Moses struck a rock. I'm sure you know I could go on and on with the miracles they saw. Did those who saw what happened at the Tower of Babel suddenly repent? And what of Daniel in the lion's den. Did the Babylonians take up following God because of this? The scribes and pharasees saw the miracles of Christ also. Did they believe in him and repent? In spite of all the miracles Christ demonstrated, when he told his followers who he really was many left (John 6:66).

In Luke 16:19-31 Christ gives the parable of Lazareth and the rich man. While there are some interesting concepts in it, the point of the parable was stated in the last verse. "And he said unto him, if they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead." This refutes the idea that if God appeared to someone they would believe.

So how does this fit with Paul and Alma etc? They genuinely believed they were doing the right thing. They went out with fervent effort to right things with what must have been open minds, just not catching the point. So these appearances opened them up to hear. But people are not normally like this. People convince themselves that they are genuine, but true examination would reveal differently, or God would have them see a miracle.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Should a Woman show Cleavage?

Whenever I see a woman showing cleavage I feel she is insulting womanhood. I feel it a slight on my sisters (meaning all women). I also think to myself, "I didn't want to see that." I feel that this has been thrust upon me, and my choice has been taken away. If I wanted to see that I could buy pornography.

I also feel this is a thorn in the side of those men and women trying to straighten their lives out after lust problems.

Some women will use the excuse that the temperature is hot, and so it keeps them cool. Well, hey, why wear clothes at all? Why not just turn up naked and resolve the problem? I wear a shirt with a collar. At church I wear a tie. So am I to accept that it is right with God that women come partly clad but not me? What if I walked around showing the top of my bottom at church? After all, it would be cooler.

Spence W. Kimball said, "I wonder if our sisters realize the temptation they are flaunting before men when they leave their bodies partly uncovered or dress in tight-fitting, body-revealing, form-fitting sweaters." (Miracle of Forgiveness, 16:226)

Brigham YOung said, "I am ashamed to see the tight clothes -- to see the shape of the ladies." (Discourses of Brigham Young, 19:75). How would Brigham get on with cleavage, do you think?

In Matthew 5:28 Jesus says that anyone looking on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart."- is that what you women want in a husband: An adulterer? Or in other women's husbands.

I think it is about time that women started respecting their womanhood far more. I am not talking to all women, as I notice some with respect for their bodies and womanhood. But I'm talking to those who perhaps haven't thought about it, or those who just don't care.

Before commenting, let me make it clear that I reserve the right to edit or delete your statement if it is unrelated to the post topic. I'm not interested in non-scriptural assumptions about any person's character.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Science - Religion - One World Religion?

Cardinal Hisleves said, "In 2004 the Roman Catholic Church had over a Billion baptised members. This doesn't mean they all believed all the doctrines of the church; but were at least baptised".

Ayatollah Jasso says, "93% of Iranians are Shiite Muslims, and 99% of Iranians are Muslim. And the people sort of follow what we say".

Reverend Col R. Bakwards of the St. Moses' Baptist Church says, "although most of our doctrines aren't believed, people still come along to services and say the name of Christ. We tell them they are saved if they do that. I usually make a few brief quotes from the Bible in my sermons; and I did have to read it once to pass ministerial college. So we sort of believe some of it".

Professor of Religion Mynda Yabisness points out; "one religion has far superior numbers to these. Not only that, but its members believe everything their priest tells them without really investigating to see how true it is. It has a following of around 300 million people in the US and around 20 million in Australia. Its world following is staggering. The real number of followers worldwide couldn't possibly be guessed. Except by its priests (who really wouldn't know but would tell you they do; and their figures would be believed). That religion is called 'Modern Science'".

Ms D. Ur of Women's Lib says, "the Bible can't be right because it says God is a man; and we know he's a woman. And Einstein can't be right because he's a man too".

Mr Seakand Yullfind of Darwin states, "I know God has a church that is really his somewhere. All I've got to do is keep praying and looking until I find it".

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

How God stays happy while watching us sin

I often wondered about the dilemma of God’s love for sinners VS God’s happiness. As God loves us as much as he does, how could he have all this joy while seeing people sin? First and foremost is that the person committing the sin is increasing their hell. Secondly the victim suffers some physical and or emotional problem.

While on my mission this dilemma hit me quite strongly, at one point. At that time we had been sent out to a smallish town. One of our jobs was to assist the local branch, which only had one Melchizedek Priesthood holder. There were several families without member husbands. One had 2 females (18 and 16). The 18-year-old had been romantically interested in a missionary who went home and hadn’t written to her since. She chose an interest in me, but I discourage it. She got upset and left the church, along with her sister. This made me very saddened, as she had been quite enthusiastic. I felt a deep love for her as a person. In the process of this something happened that amazed me. While feeling all this sadness and love, my heart swelled within me by the love I felt. It raised me to a greater level than I had ever experienced. I felt almost guilty that amidst all my sorrow for her I felt so wonderful. The more I felt the sorrow and concern, the greater the wonderful feeling.

This answered my question. I had come to understand how God can have joy inside, in spite of all he has to put up with from us. In fact it is having us, and helping us through, that increases his joy.