Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Science - Religion - One World Religion?

Cardinal Hisleves said, "In 2004 the Roman Catholic Church had over a Billion baptised members. This doesn't mean they all believed all the doctrines of the church; but were at least baptised".

Ayatollah Jasso says, "93% of Iranians are Shiite Muslims, and 99% of Iranians are Muslim. And the people sort of follow what we say".

Reverend Col R. Bakwards of the St. Moses' Baptist Church says, "although most of our doctrines aren't believed, people still come along to services and say the name of Christ. We tell them they are saved if they do that. I usually make a few brief quotes from the Bible in my sermons; and I did have to read it once to pass ministerial college. So we sort of believe some of it".

Professor of Religion Mynda Yabisness points out; "one religion has far superior numbers to these. Not only that, but its members believe everything their priest tells them without really investigating to see how true it is. It has a following of around 300 million people in the US and around 20 million in Australia. Its world following is staggering. The real number of followers worldwide couldn't possibly be guessed. Except by its priests (who really wouldn't know but would tell you they do; and their figures would be believed). That religion is called 'Modern Science'".

Ms D. Ur of Women's Lib says, "the Bible can't be right because it says God is a man; and we know he's a woman. And Einstein can't be right because he's a man too".

Mr Seakand Yullfind of Darwin states, "I know God has a church that is really his somewhere. All I've got to do is keep praying and looking until I find it".

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