Wednesday, January 03, 2007

How God stays happy while watching us sin

I often wondered about the dilemma of God’s love for sinners VS God’s happiness. As God loves us as much as he does, how could he have all this joy while seeing people sin? First and foremost is that the person committing the sin is increasing their hell. Secondly the victim suffers some physical and or emotional problem.

While on my mission this dilemma hit me quite strongly, at one point. At that time we had been sent out to a smallish town. One of our jobs was to assist the local branch, which only had one Melchizedek Priesthood holder. There were several families without member husbands. One had 2 females (18 and 16). The 18-year-old had been romantically interested in a missionary who went home and hadn’t written to her since. She chose an interest in me, but I discourage it. She got upset and left the church, along with her sister. This made me very saddened, as she had been quite enthusiastic. I felt a deep love for her as a person. In the process of this something happened that amazed me. While feeling all this sadness and love, my heart swelled within me by the love I felt. It raised me to a greater level than I had ever experienced. I felt almost guilty that amidst all my sorrow for her I felt so wonderful. The more I felt the sorrow and concern, the greater the wonderful feeling.

This answered my question. I had come to understand how God can have joy inside, in spite of all he has to put up with from us. In fact it is having us, and helping us through, that increases his joy.


Randy said...

I don't doubt your personal experience or the feelings associated with it. I would, however, be hesitant to generalize from it. Both of my children are severely disabled, and I do not feel better or happier the more concerned I become about them. Whatever their ultimate destinies (and, in LDS doctrine, they are not accountable for themselves and presumably already are assigned to the Celestial Kingdom), my concern has to be primariily for the here and now, and for my kids' lives after DW and I are dead and buried. It's incredibly scary.

Doug Towers said...

I haven't experienced this situation since that occurrance. It must be remembered that I was on a mission, where my entire time was focused on spiritual activities in service to others. So there was more likelihood of me reaching this God type of love. So the fact that you don't feel it doesn't mean you don't love your children, as you obviously do. It just means you haven't obtained that level of spirituality since having them.

In regard your children and your concern, wouldn't there be some members who would like to look after such children? There always seems to be people very willing to take on the responsibility for looking after someone. I think if you advertised correctly on the internet you would find people willing. I don't think anyone would take on more than one. But at least they would be looked after.

Anonymous said...

I think there are some very wise and insightful comments by Doug on this topic, including the original posting.
His approach has heart.
I'm afraid my approach to this would have been what some may refer to as "the typical male way" of seeing things, by comparison:

My view on this is that what we don't realize with God is that it is only US that are experiencing a thing called, "time".
With God, all things are eternal, and ALL things, therefore - both past, present and future are Eternally, ever-present before His eyes.
He sees no "present", as we do.
ALL THINGS are ever present before Him constantly.
He might be seeing what we think we are doing now, but He is also just as clearly seeing us as the Final Product that we will become, you might say.
With Him, this is just as present.

It is a very hard concept for us to appreciate; but a reading of Moses chapter 1 might help.

Doug Towers said...

Thanks denidowi

Yes, I agree with you about eternity. It is an interesting principle.

Anonymous said...

Yes; this omnipresence, or what have you, is what allows Him to be in and through all things the God of Heaven and Earth and all things that in them are.
If we could only catch the concept, the vision and the principle that He is omni-present, omni-powerful, omni-loving, omni-forgiving, that He is in and through and over ALL Things - the God of Heaven and Earth Forever, we would not have the least fear or question of His ways and commandments to us.

chevvy said...

Was that an unpaid ad or does Doug owe you money? Maybe you owe him money?