Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When we feel good from loving others is this an eternal law blessing?

Or is God just making us happy? When we hate or are angry our spirit (heart) seems to be in conflict with happiness. When we love we seem to be in harmony with things. So why is this the case? If this is by obedience to eternal laws (which it seems to me to be) how does this all happen? The more I love the greater my peace. It seems like I become more of a living being by love. God promises eternal life to those who love. So is this the "life" he is referring to?


Anonymous said...

Are you able to expand and elaborate more on your question, Doug??

Doug Towers said...

It is just an open question to see what feelings people have on the idea of blessings being from obedience to eternal laws, rather than the idea that God just makes us happy because we did what he asked.