Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are Psychology and Psychiatry in harmony with Jesus Christs principles?

Anger management courses teach that anger is good, and just needs to be controlled. Yet Christ taught, "But I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother shall be in danger of his judgment..." (3 Nephi 12:22). So how can anger be good for you?
Also Psychology courses teach that a person CAN'T change themselves, and therefore must just work at controlling their actions. Yet Christ taught repentance and change of heart. What is the point of trying to improve if we can't?
Psychology courses teach that lust is good and masterbation a natural release. And that we will be better off for following these activities. Yet Christ speaks against the lusts of the flesh.
Again Psychologists propose that when people say a particular thing it means they think some thing Psychologists have concluded it means they think. This is based on the fact that someone else who said that had the thought they propose. Yet Christ taught that true judgement of others must be made by judgement of their hearts not their words (or even their thoughts).
What are your thoughts on modern Psychiatry/Psychology?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I fundamentally agree wiht Doug Towels here.
I have certainly personally seen the types of things he speaks of in these various 'group sessions' that a bunch of 'baddies' might discuss and freely admit between themselves.
The only thing is, as he says, by repeatedly describing these scenes and hearing everybody else's 'poor story' oin group session, things that should be of private nature are conducted publicly, and in a manner and setting in which they tend to reinforce rather than assist repentance.
Also, especially with a bunch of people with similar problems, the mere fact that others go on wtih similar problems and experiences tends to have the particular inference that "Everybody else is doing it!"
This is particularly so for the 'already-weak'!

I think these fraudulous approaches basically fester and foster the problems, and ensure further work for the professional!

As for Judgment: I'm with the Lord wherein he basically said, "I judge no man", and from Matthew 7:1-5; that judgment in any negative sense, is really 'the pot calling the kettle black', because we tend to emphasize those problems in others, which are the very problems and shortcomings which we have ourselves!
"... Behold the beam that is in thine own eye; thou hypocrite..."