Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What does it mean that God is omnipotent?

God is obviously powerful in regard to controlling matter and making planets etc. He doesn't appear to have any problems doing whatever he chooses in this regard _ omnipotent. But the scriptures inform us that God cannot lie. Also Lehi states that if certain things were the case that God would cease to be God. D&C 93 informs us that without freedom of choice we would cease to exist. So could God keep us in existence and without choice? Also it informs us that intelligence can't be created or made. Therefore the question arises as to omnipotent over what?


Craig said...

In regards to God being omniscience, meaning he is all knowing - including our past, current thoughts, and what the future hold for us.
Why then would He give us a test (mortality) if He already knows the outcome? Do we really have agency then if God already knows what we will do? Is he just trying to weed out the weak?

These are just some questions I have been pondering about and can't seem to grasp an answer.

Doug Towers said...


I might write a post on this. But to answer your question simply; Life isn't really a test. It is the real thing. God knows the outcome, but we are here to receive a physical body and learn to do the right things with it.

We form our future by our present decisions. If I have a child who I know will do the right thing and one that I know will do the wrong thing, that doesn't mean they have no agency.

Yet I will still send both to school in spite of whether one will do wrong there. It is the right of all who so choose to receive the body.