Monday, July 22, 2013

Is the Holy Ghost Heavenly Mother?

This question may seem to the vaste majority of members as having a "no" answer. Yet there remains some that are asking this question and some that are convinced she is, from personal experiences. Therefore I feel this requires answering, not only from a scriptural point of view but also how certain experiences can be confusing to some.

Heavenly Mothers have resurrected bodies. D&C 130:22 tells us, "...the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of Spirit. Were it not so, the Holy Ghost could not dwell in us." Thus it requires someone who has no physical body. Which rules out Heavenly Mothers from a Scriptural point.

Yet what of personal experiences where a person is guided from youth by a female spirit? This spirit is always right and has taught the truth to us all those years. Surely then isn't this the Holy Ghost?

It was a long time before I became aware of this female's presence. Yet as I then began to think back over the past I began to see that she had been there even when I was in primary school. I had to then separate the teachings I'd received by the Holy Ghost from those that were by her. Not that there was any conflict of teaching, but I wanted to understand why 2 teachers rather than just the Holy Ghost.

The first time I became aware of this female helper was when I had girl trouble. I was upset and asked for help from God. Immediately this person turned up. I could feel the same types of feelings that I got from Heavenly Father but the emotions didn't seem strong enough. So I asked if this was Heavenly Father? The answer was immediate and it was, "no". For 2 hours I walked while carrying on somewhat about this female I felt frustrated about. This spirit had an answer for everything. Being upset I was throwing in all sorts of distortions. She wasn't fazed by whatever I threw at her. It was like a 5 year old trying to confuse its mother. She went into doctrine that brought me to the tip of my knowledge and pushed it just a little beyond. Whether it was to do with life or doctrine I couldn't confuse her for a second.

The one and only mistake she made wasn't in regard doctrine or life. It was a mistake in not knowing all the circumstances in regard the girl I was having trouble with.

At this point I still hadn't come to realise it was a female I was talking to. After 2 hours she told me to go into this place that had some people meeting for religious discussion. She felt I needed the company. Upon sitting down I suddenly looked over at a pew right near me and saw her. She looked around 27 years old.

Since that time I've began to look back and remember seeing that face at times over the years. She has taught me some great and amazing things over those years.

But is she the Holy Ghost? I have seen the Holy Ghost come out of me on several occasions for different reasons. He is male, as the Scriptures say.

Yet why have 2 helpers was something I needed to know. The Holy Ghost knows all truth. But it seems that perhaps he has not lived a life yet. She speaks from experience of life. Yet the Holy Ghost doesn't say, "I did this and it works." But she says this.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing experience! I have read stories of people who know they have a "Guardian Angel" with them.
Why do some get to communicate with Angelic helpers and others do not. My mother had an experience that she felt was a dream but I believe it really happened. My deceased brother appeared to her, twice.

Modern Guru said...

Nephi said that he saw the Holy Ghost and he appeared in the form of a man. That said, Nephi also said that angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. You are one lucky person.

Doug Towers said...


Sorry to be so long answering this. I've been in hospital - again.

Communication requires listening. And it took me a long time to note her presence.

Doug Towers said...

Modern Guru

It isn't luck. You only need to get close to him by listening to his advice

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this is probably the wrong place to ask a question, I guess your answer can determine that. I saw an angel as a young boy, watching out for me after my father prayed for my guardian angel to come that night I lay awake and eventually saw him outside my window I remember His smile and being quite scared. do you suppose we each have a guardian angel? And who might they be?

rizamisha said...

Could you Share your mother's experience?

rizamisha said...

Could you Share your mother's experience?

rizamisha said...

Could you Share your mother's experience?

vendo233 said...

"Heavenly Mothers have resurrected bodies....(The position of the Holy Ghost) requires someone who has no physical body. Which rules out Heavenly Mothers from a Scriptural point."

No it doesn't. That's pretty idiotic. If flesh can bear flesh, why not spirit bear spirit?

Dora R said...

Our ancestors who have gone on before watch out for us, we are still a part of their stewardship, they still love us and feel a duty to watch out for us. I often feel my paternal grandmother nearby especially in times of trouble. I think she actually sings to me.

Jared Quass said...

No, the Holy Ghost is not Heavenly Mother. The Holy Ghost spoke to Nephi in the Book of Monmon as he described Him in the form of a man, but was a Spirit. He wasn't speaking to Christ because Christ would introduce Himself like he does to any other prophet. James E. Talmage confirms that Nephi was indeed privileged to speak with The Spirit of the Lord, one of the names for the Holy Ghost.