Saturday, January 12, 2013

Speculation and Deep Doctrine

First we should look at what deep doctine actually is. It is often associated with things we don't know. But its true meaning would be better defined as things that are beyond that being delivered in Gospel Doctrine classes.

We have a standard doctrine that is being taught in Gospel Doctrine classes. But many recognise the importance of developing our knowledge beyond the milk. They will attempt to get the conversation in the GD class to advance beyond where it is. But this will fail because the reason it is where it is, is because the class, as a whole, don't wish to advance beyond where they are.

The same applies to priesthood classes. As I hear the questions given and the answers I feel like someone has put 5 cents in the slot and pushed the button for answer number 49. "Why should we do Home Teaching, brethren?" "That's right, because Christ said to." That's deep. I'm glad I was there for that information.

So many in the church cry out for something better than a reply by a ventriloquist's doll.

The problem on the other hand is that so many want to become doctrinal experts so that others will hold them in a place of honor. We end up with sites dedicated to speculation: Groups will discuss the subject all presenting their personal opinion. These will be discussed backward and forward with absolutely no real conclusion. Thus people are lucky to actually learn anything; which defies the point of such discussion. But they see themselves as some doctinal expert. They miss the simplistic answer because their heads are too much up in the clouds. They have gone well beyond the mark.

So what is the answer to learning deep doctrine?

First we must have the right purpose. We plan on being able to assist the endless intelligences that wait for some God to come along and give them these opportunities. Are you willing to help out? If so then you will need to know what you are doing. Then there are those things that if you search your heart honestly you will find you want to know. You needn't hide your head in the sand and pretend you can't see them anymore. You can come out and go to God with true purpose of heart. And if you do this sincerely you will begin to get those answers.

Getting the Holy Ghost as a constant companion doesn't just come because someone placed his hands on your head with authority and says the magic words. You have to invite him in by listening to his counsel and following it. In the process he will help you learn the answers to the questions that others just wander around asking but never have an answer to.


JR said...

I am so ready to move beyond milk. I want to do it for myself and family. How does one start to learn or understand deeper doctrine?
(when I read the Scriptures I need help telling me what each verse or verses mean or what is being talked about) Thanks!

Doug Towers said...


You probably won't like me for saying it but the first thing is to be able to move on. To do this We are not going to listen if part of us doesn't want to hear.

I have written a post called "How to Live Righteously all the Time." It was posted on Oct 18, 2011 on my "Doctrinal Questions Answered" site. The link is near the top of the page. If you have any trouble finding it let me know.

You can paste this link in the address column _

The main thing you need is divine instruction. Other people can only get you on the road. You have to come to Deity if you wish to advance to where you need to.

The Holy Ghost is imperative to you as a start. I mean that you must start to get the Holy Ghost as a CONSTANT companion. This will not happen in one day. It takes working and listening to him. Lots of prayer and reading of the scriptures to come to hear that still small voice.

Seek to become close to Christ and he will draw close to you. Then when you've got that move on to Heavenly Father.

If you need further advice just ask.

JR said...

Doug, thank you for taking time to answer. I will definitely read the post from Oct. 2011. I have much work to do and I realize it. Thanks again. I enjoy your site and I get a lot of helpful information from what you write.

Flat Stanley said...

Hey there, my name is Micah. Just wanted to say your blog is something I have been searching for for majority of my life. I am mormon, although I grew up in a highly inactive and absurdly dysfunctional family. I have always questioned the church at a young age, my bishop never knew how to answer a primary kid with deep doctrinal questions haha. But, through it all ive managed to find that I believe this church but I am still unsatisfied with my knowledge of things, and everyone else around me's lack of motivation to explore the unknown or help me gain that knowledge. They are afraid. And ive been feeling so frustrated, so thank you for being one of the only people ive found in this religion who share that same hunger for REAL answers like I do. I have hope again haha