Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hypocracy in Regard Child Pornography?

I have sometimes wondered about just how much underage pornography existed on the internet. Recently I finally got around to investigating the matter.

Most would probably be aware that displaying a female of 18 or over for pornographic purposes is at least legal. So I set out to find what could be obtained in regard those of 12 to 17. It wasn't long before I discovered, much to my horror, that typing in anything about that age group brought up pictures of girls between 6 and 11. Some even boasted as young as 3 years old.

What I typed in was things such as _ 14 yo sexy nude. I varied it to 15 yo and even down to 12 yo. Yet the overwhelming response was to obtain sites where although those figures were quoted on the page to draw in visitors the girls shown were what they term a Lolita or Preteen (someone 11 yo or under). - amazing what you learn on the internet.

While the girls weren't naked they certainly weren't well dressed. The intent was obvious as picture after picture appeared with them dressed in skimpy bikinis or high cut shorts etc.

The sites presented that this was legal because the girls weren't naked.
The thing that seemed eqally bewildering to me was that in spite of this no site posted such pictures of girls of 12 to 17. There were those sites that offered downloads that you could pay for of 14 yo girls etc, yet they displayed none.

What insanity! We can see a 6 yo inappropriately displayed, while pictures of a 16 yo in such pose are policed.

Obviously we need to put some judges, lawyers and politicians on the case that aren't visiting the sites themselves. It seems they weren't visiting the sites with those older but underaged. Is that cynicism, Doug, or have you just been reading the Book of Mormon too much?

I think it time to change the laws sufficiently to disallow such legal pornography also.


Anonymous said...

Wow...your actually searching for child pornography disturbs me...even for s psuedo-scholarly article.

Dawn said...

You're right, this is awful! But why did you search for it? Are you going to do something about it now or just talk about it? You're walking a very fine line. If you're not willing to speak up, act, and fight - then stop what you're doing right now.

Doug Towers said...

Anonymous and Dawn

I figured I'd cop that flak. But I felt I had to speak about it anyway.

To explain why I feel compelled to learn is to explain why when you give a girl a doll she plays nurses, yet if you give a boy one he wants to know how the arms and legs go in.

I have worked extensively in conselling sex offenders and this MAY be a contributor. However that is speculation as I examine everything.

I have to admit that possibly it is the fact that it disturbs me so much that I may have been hoping to calm my concerns by finding nothing.

As to doing things about it, I am doing that right now. Also I am very involved in trying to teach others about the many problems that exist within the world and even some in the church. I am reaching quite a large group within my activities even off-line.

There is an amazing degree of ignorance in regard sex related problems that some of my sites are addressing. I'm not just talking about sweet gospel topics.

Yet I have to point out that of my 125 posts since starting only about 4 are sex related subjects.