Monday, December 07, 2009

Intelligence = Academia (learning in schools)?

I often hear it quoted that "the glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth" (D&C 93:36).

This is immediately related, by the speaker, to education. It is claimed that if we go and do academic studies at a state or private learning institution, our intelligence will increase. Yet that interpretation detracts from the real message being delivered there in D&C 93. If our education facilities were teaching just truth, that would even then only have slight relevance. The truth and light referred to in this section are spiritual truths that will cause a person not to sin.

The verses following the one above say, [verses 37-39] "Light and truth forsake that evil one. Every spirit of man was innocent in the beginning; and God having redeemed man from the fall, men became again, in their infant state, innocent before God. And that wicked one comes and takes away light and truth, through disobedience, from the children of men, and because of the tradition of their fathers."

This doesn't seem to refer to our ability to add and subtract.

Intelligence is increased, not by going to school, but by accepting spiritual truth and obeying it (as is demonstrated as the obvious converse of the scripture text quoted above).

It seems to me that our level of intelligence is demonstrated by our ability to take in correct information, recognise and reject false information, and then the right application of that correct information.

Therefore the school where intelligence is achieved, is where we listen to and follow Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, as instructors.


Seth Baron said...

This is a little off topic, but I've been meaning to write you. I have followed your blog for some time now, big fan by the way, and I have one serious question for you.
Again, this is off topic, and I am indeed serious about it, so here goes: Numerous claims have been made regarding 'psycic powers', telekinesis, mind reading, and other paranormal abilities. There seems to be evidence to support such things, yet apparently, nothing too extremely reliable as to establish 'proof'. These powers, however, are widely believed to exist, in some form or another, and that they are related to improper use of priesthood or otherwise satanic, etc. But I have found some sites claiming that these 'powers' actually lie within us all, are just a normal part of our bodies/brains, and lay dormant, and require us to exercise and activate them. Now for the question I have. What do you think about all this?!! I would love to develop telekinesis, purely for self-discovery, and possibly for the practical use of levitating my tv remote over to me! If you've already covered this subject somewhere and I haven't found it yet, then I apologize. But I would love to hear your insight on it, at any rate. After all, if things were created by commanding, or influencing, the matter to move, etc.(deep doctrine), then maybe such things do exist.

Doug Towers said...


I'm glad you enjoy my posts and gain something from them.

Very good questions. I wasn't planning on writing about such things here, as some have great difficulty with them.

I have had some very unusual experiences in such. It has nothing to do with your brain. It is all relevant to both our eternal intelligence and our spirit time before coming here.

There's nothing Satanic about it.

As you have asked I will post on the subject soon.

Seth Baron said...

Thanks alot Doug, I look forward to it. May God bless you and your family.

Seth Baron said...
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Doug Towers said...

I removed your last comment to keep your email address private.

Jake said...

Did you ever make that post about telekinesis? If so could you provide a link please? It would be greatly appreciated :)

Doug Towers said...


I haven't written on telekinesis as a single subject.

The reason why is because it is heavy stuff. Non-members could tend to look at us as being a bit out there.

I have touched on the subject along with similar subjects in mindreading etc.

When I have watched Star Wars I have to laugh at their ignorance of what they are speaking of.

Their first error is to conclude that the dark side and the light side are equal and opposite in power over objects. It is an obvious conclusion. But it is incorrect.

There are eternal principles in governing matter. A person full of real love can do far more than move light sabres, old pipes, death stars, or even the dead sea.

It must be remembered that we helped create the solar system that we now live in. The book of Abraham presents that we commanded the matter to move and waited until it obeyed us.

Let me add a word of caution however. I also saw what amusement could come from such power. But the trouble is that once you begin to unleash such power within yourself you begin to see that you are not ready for it. You start to worry about what you are going to do in the blink of an eye, that you can't undo.

Therefore first go and get yourself right with mankind. Get rid of all prejudices about anything. You should be against evil but love ALL evil doers, regardless of what they have done: Love victims and perpetrators equally.

Create a personal relationship with Heavenly Father where you are talking and walking together with him and Jesus Christ. You need to have the Holy Ghost as a constant companion.

You must learn spiritual and mental discipline for absolute control over every thought.

If you undertake it and succeed you will be happy in your choice.

Anonymous said...


I had several questions regarding your comments regarding mind-reading and psychic powers. I would however prefer it if I could do so anonymously as I feel that the answers I would like I know that you cannot share more publicly as I'm sure people would indeed have problems with it. Anyway, it really would mean the world to me if you would email me using my email so that I could ask further. My email address is Thank you.