Monday, August 25, 2008

Respect to Other People's Religious Opinions????

First let me say the obvious, least I be misunderstood, that as LDS we should support the right of all people to have religious opinions contrary to our own. And we should support their rights to practice those beliefs where the practice doesn't infringe on the God given rights of others. We should also show respect to them, as individuals, in spite of their opinions. But how much respect should we show to those actual opinions?

Christ strongly opposed the false doctrines that had crept into the church. He talked to the Scribes, Sadducees and Pharisees; who actually belonged to the true church which he himself had established through Moses and Aaron. Yet is this respect he and John the Baptist showed to them? - "O generation of vipers" (Matt 3:7, Matt 12:34), "an evil and adulterous generation" (Matt 12:39), "child of hell" (Matt 23:15).

And what did Christ say of the Jews? - "Ye are of your father the devil" (Jn 8:44), "liar" (Jn 8:55), He said that it would be more tolerable for the Gentile cities in the day of judgement than for Jewish cities that had seen the miracles and yet rejected him (Matt 11:20-24).

And what did prophets preach to those they were sent to? How wicked they were, and they were doomed to hell if they don't change. Even the more moderate statements say things like, "ye have sought for happiness in doing iniquity" (Hel 13:38).

And what did Christ say of other religions? "all their creeds are an abomination." Should I hide from the words of Christ? Perhaps be more diplomatic than my Savior?

I have many Protestant friends, but they all know exactly what I think of the god taught by Protestant churches. Following Christ's example, I don't hide this. They know that I love them as people, and reserve their right to those beliefs. Yet they know that out of that love I seek to help them see how unbiblical it is.

I know that some of my posts are very pointed send-ups of many false ideas embedded in society. I have done send-ups or had a go at theory science, feminism, psychiatry, philosophy, the legal system, political systems, Catholicism and Protestantism. And as long as lies persist, that won't change. I make no apologies for following my Savior's example and declaring falsehood to be such, in the strongest terms.

Nevertheless I would say to anyone who feels that I don't love them, that they are mistaken. My writings are out of concern for those involved. They are a wake-up call, not a desire to look down on those believing such things. These things bother me because I seek the true joy of all. And I know these things are contrary to that joy that I seek for others.

Feminists winging about men and distorting history and reality, aren't happy. Psychiatrists giving people false advice aren't helping anyone. Flaws in the legal system that create a loss of hope and/or condemn the innocent are also destructive to a people. People believing themselves to be advanced apes have lower self-esteem and more reason to commit suicide when problems arise. Protestants and Catholics believing in that horrid god can't appreciate the joy of a truly loving God. Those compromising truth to fit in with their invented philosophy are suffering the affects of their false perceptions.

The world is paying the price of falsehood. It is demonstrated in so many ways. The truth will only hurt for a while. If you reject the falsehoods and follow the truth it will bring you that happiness inside that you truly desire.


Anonymous said...

When Christ threw out the Scribes, sadducees, and the Pharisees he knew their hearts and their intentions. Christ is the judge of the people and that means all of us. We as human beings don't know other people's hearts or their intentions.

We are to respect others for what they believe. I know the prophet has said to show respect for peoples belief. You can't love others if you judge and have respect. But it also doesn't mean you have to believe in other religious views.

How will people not of The Church of Jesus Christ learn to respect us if we can't show by example and show them the respect of their denomination?

Doug Towers said...


Interesting points.

In regard judgement of others there is a trick. Isaiah points out that the thing that makes Christ successful as a judge is that the doesn't judge by the seeing of the eyes or the hearing of the ears.

He actually judges by the thoughts of the mind and the intent of the heart (as you also have related in your first paragraph).

We need to learn this type of judgement if we plan on being as our Heavenly Parents. We can discern the thoughts of others and their hearts by the Spirit (which is demonstrated in the Scriptures). I do this many times a week, so it isn't beyond us. So don't feel that it is.

When prophets have said to respect others beliefs (while opposing many such beliefs from the pulpit also) it must be understood that they aren't proposing that you don't label falsehood as being so. It just means that we shouldn't physically abuse them etc.

People who don't show respect to our beliefs do so for many reasons. I don't remember ever coming across anyone, in my many conversations with those of other faiths who chose not to respect my beliefs permanently, purely because I said there was something wrong in what they believed. That would only be a minor tiff in a conversation.

But if you have had experiences to the contrary I'm sorry to hear that.

Either way I still maintain that following the example of our Savior in all things is wise.

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog by accident, but upon reading the original post I felt compelled to comment. I understand that you are trying to display your "good intentions" with your posts. But I feel like it is people like you who give Mormons a negative persona. Here me out, if you can.

The scriptures teach us that we can use the Holy Ghost to discern between right and wrong, and from keeping good company or bad, among a number of other things. But the Holy Ghost is not a tool to judge others as Christ has and will judge. Your obsession with theology is distorting the true meanings behind Christ's teachings. You claim to love others and yet openly admit to abrasive and argumentative conversations with those not in our faith. That, to me, doesn't seem to come from love.

God does know your heart...and maybe I'm wrong. Like I said, this is just coming from an observation of my accidental stump on your blog. I don't feel good or happy reading your blog and I won't return.

Doug Towers said...

To those who may share the feelings expressed by anonymous.

I appreciate the sentiments of all those who seek for peace.

I have sat and defended the church before those not of our faith in order to help members (present) who have been confused by the opposition. I have had people join the church because of such opposing conversation.

When an enemy comes upon your country to battle it certainly isn't nice to kill them. No one would suggest that the Holy Ghost would say, "what fun, let's go." But the Holy Ghost has instructed me over many hours in converstaion to assist those who faced the opposition presented by Protestantism. To demonstrate that there are answers to these claims, and oppose those teachings that are false is exactly what the Holy Ghost would do. The Holy Ghost guides me in writing my posts. I don't claim that every word spoken is directly from him. But many truths I present come directly from such inspiration. He has also instructed me on certain things not to say.

As to theology distorting Christ's message, I'm left staggered on that. That we have 3 parts distorts Christ's teachings???? That the atonement has a purpose distorts them also???? I'd need an example of that to answer.

Most people frequenting my site have come in the knowledge that it contains deep doctrine; as the title implies. If a person can't see the point in knowledge beyond the "weakest of Saints" level then this isn't the site to come to.

Jimmo said...

anonamous said

"Your obsession with theology is distorting the true meanings behind Christ's teachings."

Theology is the understanding of the things of God. We hope to one day be a God. How can keen interest in the things of God distort Christ's teachings?