Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why Protestants don't want to accept our Boring God.

Many members may wonder why Protestants aren't all flying into the church as fast as they can. But in reality one big problem is that they like their version of God. Our God is boring from their perspective.

Let's look at our God for a moment. While we know that he is glorified and resurrected, able to do anything with matter and hold countless planetary systems together, he is however a man. I mean, how boring is that?

Our God is made of flesh (yes, glorified and resurrected, but a flesh type of thing). He has veins and all that usual stuff.

What is more, he has a wife. How droll. How everyday.

Then we tell them he had kids. Now that is really getting very hum drum. He had to raise us and put up with all those usual problems of rebellious children. What's exotic and exciting about that, I ask?

Further he has all the usual emotions, just like we do. This is super boring. He is too realistic, no imagination. It needs a bit of Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz: Some Spice.

Now let's look at the version they enjoy.

He fills the universe, yet he may not be in your heart even though he is your heart.

Yeah! Now we're talking! How about a bit of Star Wars?

He is supremely powerful and made all space and laws without actually having any laws to do this with.

Oh, this is getting real cool. But let's add more mysticism.

There are three of them, but only one.

Well this is the stuff a good yarn is made of. But more, more.

While he fills the universe he isn't actually made of anything to fill it.

Now that is a wopper!

And just to add to that he is a spirit yet even people who see spirits can't see him.

Yes, that sounds really mystical. But can't you add more to that?

Yet you can see God in everything because he is in everything, though there is nothing to see.

Can we make it more exciting, can we, can we? How about we make him even more confusing?

He loves us, but has no emotions.

Oh, that is a good one. Can we make him even more mystical still? I like the mystical bits.

While we must follow rules like loving one another, he can do whatever he likes and just make rules for himself as he goes.

Wow, he's IS all powerful. And how about some magic?

He made thought out of nothing and made us into thinking beings.

He made our thoughts out of absolutely nothing? Wow. Now THAT is magic. What other magical things did he do, give us more?

(Hmmm, what can I say to make it even better) He made EVERYTHING out of nothing.

EVERYTHING out of nothing? Now that is really out there. This god is really exciting.

Yes Brothers and Sisters I'm afraid we just can't compete with that for entertainment. But I must say that I am extremely grateful for a REAL God that actually IS loving and cares for us. I love the fact that he understands us because he isn't mystical or magical, but a person: A loving Father. Isn't reality wonderful?


Tim Malone said...

Hi Doug,

You wrote, "Our God is made of flesh (yes, glorified and resurrected, but a flesh type of thing). He has veins and all that usual stuff."

While I agree that he probably has veins, do you concur that there is no blood running through veins? It is my understanding that God is quickened by the spirit. Blood is the stuff of this mortal life.

There is a lot of significance to the subject of blood, which you may have written about elsewhere (I still haven't read all your stuff).

That's why when we refer to resurrected beings, we state that they have bodies of flesh and bone. We are careful to NOT say, flesh and blood. They have no blood.

I am enjoying your blogs. Thanks.

Doug Towers said...


An interesting question. I have heard talk of clear liquid rather than blood. I believe that all the parts we use in this life will have some purpose throughout eternity. But I can't back that idea up from the Scriptures, so it is purely speculation.

I am in the process of examining the spiritual significance of the blood within the sacrament and its relevance to how we live our lives. I may post on the sacrament and blood atonement at some stage when I'm sure I've got it worked out completely.